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Saša Šijak

Saša Šijak

“All grown-ups were once children... but only a few of them remember it.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Live man switch weekly update 2

What I planned and did for the week

In the second week of working on Live man switch I actually wanted to complete all the functionality and have the service ready to deploy.

The biggest part was implementing the actual switch building and all the logic around it:

  • validation
  • automatic switch processing every minute
  • sending of checkup email or sms messages
  • chekin mechanism
  • sending the actual messages or firing webhooks after trigger condition is met
  • disabling the switch

Apart from that there were other functionality to be implemented and tested:

  • phone number verification
  • email verification
  • login/signup via various oauth providers

I've implemented all of that, added proper Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, improved copy and did first rounds of testing. I also paid for some articles on Fiverr about the service, which I wanted to use to explain some possible use cases for Live man switch. Those articles arrived few days ago and were almost a total failure. The writer failed to talk about the actual usecases and service and talked about some random technology in general. So for the next week I will need to do that myself and also finish the testing, get the Stripe account verified and then deploy the live service.

Challenges I faced

Biggest challenge for me was handling non tech things in this week. Sometimes I loose 1-2 hours struggling with figguring how to write some microcopy. And also that failed gig with Fiverr did not help in that regard.